I'm Zack, a designer and full-stack developer living and working in Seattle, WA. Currently, I'm ½ of the Burpee Over Bar team and working on Alexa News for Amazon.

Selected Works

Docs Website


The most popular JavaScript utility on the planet needed a simple, consistent way to present it's documentation. I delivered a beautiful custom Jekyll theme and a custom generator to automatically create the documentation pages for each release from JSDoc.

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Burpee Over Bar

CrossFit affiliates need a custom designed website to reach new clients, manage memberships, and announce workouts. Burpee Over Bar builds tailored and performant websites for CrossFit gyms.

Burpee Over Bar

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Reebok Pumps Illustrations

Progression of illustrating a pair of my favorite kicks.

Narrows CrossFit: Landing Page UX Case Study

Case study examining the background, process, and results of Narrows CrossFit homepage redesign.

npm install -g unfollow

Identify and unfollow stale twitter accounts from the CLI.

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