Reebok Pumps Illustrations

Progression of illustrating a pair of my favorite kicks.

June 09, 2017

I wanted a big challenge to practice my vector illustration skills. Looking around for something to work on I glanced down at my feet and found the perfect challenge. I’ll illustrate my favorite pair of kicks – my Reebok Pumps. Shoes present the perfect opportunity: complex shapes to practice pen tool skills, shading, textures.

Below are some shots from the progression to the final shot.

Reebok Pumps
The original shoes used for an inspiration.
Reebok Pumps Initial Drawing
Initial sketches to use as the basis of the illustration.
Reebok Pumps Initial Outlines
Laying out the initial lines.
Reebok Pumps Resizing Accident
A happy resizing accident provided a template for a interesting and responsive version of the iconography.
Reebok Pumps Final
Final drawing of the kicks, all that's left now are the final touches for presentation.
Reebok Pumps Vector Illustration by @ZTHall
The final Reebok Pumps vector illustration – with details, a horizon, and a background spotlight for presentation.

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