Zack Hall

Front-end developer in Boston, MA.

Currently, engineer at AWS. Formerly Alexa,, Edge browser, and Windows.

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Amazon AWS

Front-end EngineerBoston, MA2019-

Launched a new AWS managed service, Amazon Detective, to help customers investigate and triage potential security issues in their cloud environments through logs, security events, and visualizations.

Amazon Alexa

TPMSeattle & Boston2017-19

Expanded Alexa News offerings availability internationally and used Alexa-elicited feedback to build machine learning loops.

Software EngineerSeattle, WA2016-17

Led initiatives to redesign the websites global navigation menu. Our teams' experiments led to $600MM in annual recurring revenue growth for Amazon's retail site.

Microsoft Edge

Software EngineerRedmond, WA2015-16

Built tooling and open-source outreach to help web developers build native Windows apps using the Windows javascript API.

Windows Dev Center

Software EngineerRedmond, WA2013-15

Launched a new unified Windows Dev Center analytics site to allow app developers to see their apps' ratings, performance, usage, and customer demographics.

2 Conference Talks You Must Watch to Understand the JavaScript Event Loop

April 03, 2019

How does a single threaded language like JavaScript handle asynchronous requests? The event loop. But uh... what is the event loop anyway?

Quick Review of JS Destructuring

March 11, 2019

Declaring variables using JavaScript destructuring can help you write compact, cleaner code.

Reebok Pumps Illustrations

June 09, 2017

Progression of illustrating a pair of my favorite kicks.

Narrows CrossFit: Landing Page UX Case Study

June 11, 2016

Case study examining the background, process, and results of Narrows CrossFit homepage redesign.

npm install -g unfollow

January 19, 2016

Identify and unfollow stale twitter accounts from the CLI.


September 26, 2015

An introduction.

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